Beginning Weight Watchers and Bowling

So, last weekend, my mom and sister and I signed up for Weight Watchers. We're trying it for 3 months to see how we do. Well, this first week may not have been the best start. I was out of town. I was watching my friend's kids for the week¬†and had a little more junk … Continue reading Beginning Weight Watchers and Bowling


Back to the gym

Well, I went to the doctor last week and she and I had a long discussion about that ugly number on the scale. We've decided I'm going to cut my prednisone in half. I'm at 7.5 mg for 2 weeks. I'll see how I feel and then I can continue to drop down to 5. … Continue reading Back to the gym

About Me

Hi everyone! Decided this entry would be a little more about me along with my journey so far with RA. I'm 33 years old. I was diagnosed with RA at 26, but I was having symptoms and going through tests for a couple years before. I live in a suburb of Cleveland with my fianc√© … Continue reading About Me